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Never be misunderstood at work again

Instantly transform every chat and e-mail message into flawless, professional English. Our innovative AI will supercharge your career – so you never have to worry about mistakes, mistranslations or confusion again.

  • Simple input, professional e-mail output.

    Instantly fix grammar and spelling and create professional Slack messages, e-mails, social media posts and more.

English is exhausting. We instantly make your messages professional, flawless and crystal clear—so you can focus on work.

Let’s face it – English is weird, and it’s extremely difficult to master every nuance of grammar and spelling, even after years of practice. But English is also the language in which much of the world’s work gets done – and being able to professionally communicate with your clients and colleagues is critical to your career growth. ensures you always send flawless, professional work messages – without needing to spend your day straining over whether your words will be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Our artificial intelligence works instantly – just type your message and we’ll convert it to perfect business English in milliseconds.

Never be misunderstood at work again. Try Business English for free. No credit card required.

  • A screenshot of the Slackbot

    Integrate directly with Slack, or use our simple web interface.

  • Input with errors, output in perfect business English.

    Built-in presets for different context: chat, e-mail or social media.

  • American Input, British Output.

    Choose from American, Australian, British or Canadian spelling and style.

  • Hindi Input, Business English Output.

    Translate instantly from your preferred language into professional English.